Company Overview

PT. Maradeka Coconut Industry is company who produce our own product. We are manufacture for Coconut Shell Charcoal and Coconut Fiber with best quality and best price. Our production capacity is 500 MT a month.

We continuously providing high quality charcoal product. Our company are supported by employees from good working environment who are competent to give a maintained quality product in order to meet customer satisfaction. Our coconut shell charcoal production is the implementation of total quality management.


To be the company 's best charcoal exporters in ASEAN


  • Continuously providing high quality products and meet customer needs through the best marketing program
  • Developing a competent employee to create a good working environment to support the achievement of customer satisfaction
  • Maintain product quality through the implementation of Total Quality Management

PT. Maradeka Coconut Industry

Office : Senayan Trade Centre (STC) Floor 4th, Room 1007 A, Central Jakarta, Indonesia
Factory : Jl. Pattene, Dusun Takalasi Desa Temmappaduae, Maros, South Sulawesi, Indonesia
Phone : (+6221) 57939059
Fax : (+6221) 57939059
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